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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Menu Plan: Weight Watchers, week 2

I'm a day late, but after figuring this all out I'm posting it anyway! ;)

My menu this week is kind of vague.  That's because I'm reading through new-to-me recipe blogs whenever I get a few free minutes to play online in search of great new recipes that are WW friendly. 
  • MONDAY:  Little Smokies, WW Baked Macaroni &Cheese with Broccoli (7pp)    
    • *Recipe Review: This was nice and creamy... but kind of bland.  To be fair, I left out the mustard as my family usually does not like macaroni recipes with mustard, so that probably would have provided a little more flavor. 
    • Yes, I know, Little Smokies are an odd menu item... but I had one package left after the holidays! The kids think they're a big treat.  :)
  • TUESDAY: something to use up thawed stew meat 
    • my homemade vegetable soup (that's my recipe posted on Food.com) (6pp as written- I'm making some substitutions and it should be around 2-3pp per cup)
    • or beef stew?
  • WEDNESDAY: buffalo chicken-- over chef salads?  on sandwiches?
    • I'll grill some chicken tenders in the George Foreman grill and then shake them in our favorite wing sauces.  The kids will probably have chicken nuggets.
  • THURSDAY: ham omelets-- everyone can pick what else they want in them: peppers, onions, cheese, mushrooms, etc.    I'm looking at various recipes but will probably make them my usual way with Egg Beaters.
  • FRIDAY:  WW chicken fingers with BBQ sauce (5pp), oven fries (3pp), steamed broccoli (0pp)  
    • I didn't get to this meal last week- we had baked chicken & mixed veggies instead.
  • SATURDAY:  our usual homemade pizza    
    • Last week I experimented with a new crust and sauce, and both got mixed reviews.  I'll be trying new recipes again this week, but I haven't decided which ones yet!
And with every meal I'm adding in fresh fruit of some sort-- apples, oranges, bananas, and blueberries

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    1. I'm going to try a new pizza crust recipe this week, too! Here's hoping!! ;)

    2. I made the chicken and cheese french bread pizza this week and it went over well! Thanks for the recipe!


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