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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A beautiful Tuesday

It's gorgeous outside today.... sunny and up into the 70's! That will make all the harder to deal with the cold weather that's supposed to return this weekend. Oh well. I've got the windows open and we're enjoying the fresh air in the house.

Baby Boy's new nurse came today for a home visit. Next time she comes she'll do a full evaluation to see where he is regarding his development and skills. We know he's a little behind, and from what those developmental charts tell us, he's probably functioning at about a four-month old level (he'll soon be nine months old). We know this is to be expected with preemie, but we're not sure yet if he'll need therapy or if he'll catch up on his own. Hopefully this evaluation will help us figure that out.

I blogged earlier today on my decluttering blog about cleaning music. I don't know about you, but I can't clean without music!

OK, I'm off and running again. DD is sick with a cold and she's calling for me again. I have a feeling I'll be doing nothing for the rest of today but rocking my kids... and that's OK. :)

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