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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Frugal Find: $ .59 wreath!

The kids and I ventured over to the local Goodwill Outlet store today. It's always an adventure there- more so than the regular thrift stores. It's where all the stuff that doesn't sell at other Goodwill stores gets dumped... and I mean that quite literally. In the back half of the store are rows and rows of tables with big blue bins on them (like recycling bins) and inside, well, you never know what you'll find. One bin might contain two toys, a book, one shoe, a plate, and a chipped coffee cup. It's kind of an adventure to dig through things and see what you find.

Today I bought: ten vintage sewing patterns, a vintage children's book, two framed cross-stitched bird pictures, a framed flower print, and three old advertising tins . The tins are going in the high window above our kitchen table- I have a little collection going up there. The other vintage items I have some ideas for... especially if I get my Etsy store going soon! My grand total spent was $7.92.

My deal of the day came in the form of this wreath. My poor front door has been naked since Christmas. It's not that I can't make wreath myself, I just haven't felt inspired to do one. And, at $ .59, this is even cheaper than one I could make myself. Of course since it has hearts in it, it would have been nice if I'd have found it a week or two ago, but, still, this works for me! I'll probably change the bow out to something a little less red... I have to see what's in my ribbon drawer. Still, I couldn't pass this up at $.59!


  1. Wow, you got some deal! I think the colors are 'springy' enough to keep on your front door right up until the fall.

  2. That's a great find!

  3. Wow!!!! What a great deal! That wreath is sooo pretty!!!!! :)

  4. Great deals. We have those big blue tubs at our Goodwill but I haven't gotten up the nerve to see what's in them. Maybe I will next time LOL. That wreath is pretty. I must admit I still have our Christmas wreath hanging, but I took the red bow off. It's a real wreath we bought from H when she was selling them and it is still going strong. I told Don I felt bad about throwing away a perfectly good wreath.

    God bless

  5. You are quite the bargain hunter!


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