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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Was that cold medicine or espresso?

Right now I am playing jungle gym to one very cranky boy. He woke up with watery eyes, runny nose, the whole bit. So, I gave him a dose of cold medicine just before his nap... reasonable idea, right? Wrong. Apparently the cold medicine had the effect on him that a good cup of espresso has on me... he's wound up and in constant motion. Approximately half of that energy has been spent on having total meltdowns over every tiny thing- like hearing the word "no" or mommy leaving the room. Poor baby. :(

Meanwhile, I've swiped my DH's laptop and I'm reading blogs in between DS's meltdowns. Here are a few new-to-me blogs I've found today:
  • For those of you who are papercrafters like me-- check out this blog & calendar with all the contests and DT calls: Pub Calls Blog
  • Scratchin The Surface -- this blogger seems like she could be my neighbor
  • Owlhaven -- written by a mom of 10

Alright, I'm off now to try again to pursuade baby boy that he really does want/need to nap for a while. I think we'll all feel better if he does.
P.S. I'll get my Sunday Scrappin' post up before the day is over!

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  1. Great blog links. I like the last two :) I like to read about other large families and how they do it. How is your little guy? I hope he is feeling better. FWIW when I give any kind of cold med wether it's children's benadryl or sudafed it makes them hyper! Even the prescription kind. It makes me cranky and tired so I try to avoid it as well. Actually I am trying to avoid all meds except my diabetes stuff and if a severe migraine hits my imitrex LOL.
    God bless,

    P.S. I had fun yesterday


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