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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Voting... or maybe not.


We had planned to go vote tonight in the Ohio Primary, but after our friend told us that he stood in line for two and a half hours, we've opted not to go. Standing in line for anything that long with two wiggly kids just isn't going to happen. Our friend said that the problem was that only three of the eight voting machines were working at our precinct. This is the same precinct where I stood in line to vote for the last presidential election for an hour and a half. I think I'm going to look into absentee voting for the next election. What about you... did you vote in your state's primary?


  1. Ugh! I know. My husband made it in on his way to work, and I was going to go this evening (w/o the kids). With the ice we're getting, tough, I am not driving any where! I do feel better not being the only one, though. ;)

    Cute comic, by the way!

  2. Hey, Amy! Yep, we voted here in Texas. I'm just glad that all those robo campaign calls will hopefully stop after tonight.

    Re: your comment about weather. Today was a cool/cold day for us. We started the day at about 38 and got up to about 64 I think. Except for a stretch of about a week in January and an occassional day here and there, temps like that have been the exception. We've been running anywhere from the mid-40s for the low to usually about 70 for the high, although one day we did get up to 80 last week. The summers are quite hot. The humidity generally stays over 90% and our low temps don't get below 80 and get as high as 110 with a heat index usually about 10 degrees hotter than the actual temp due to the humidity. This past summer was milder. We usually only got up to about 99 most of the summer, which was unusual. We usually have highs in the 80s at least through most of October and as early as March or April in the spring. I'm not sure how that compares with Ohio's weather, but that's the norm here! I heard a rumor that the staff at the British embassy here in Houston get hazard pay due to the weather since it's considered "tropical" by their standards. One day, maybe I'll find out if that's true or not.

  3. oh no! That stinks!!!

    well...it's horrible for us..our vote doesn't even count. We didn't even get to vote cuz it is all determined before PA even votes! Isn't that stupid?

  4. I think the primaries are dumb to begin with, since it doesn't matter who the people want, it's a popularity game among the rich IMHO.

    I braved the iced and rain and only stood in line for about 1/2 hour after DH got home from work. I am glad I did even though it didn't matter because now my canididate is now baking the opponent. Sorry Amy :)

    God bless,


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