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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday: haircuts

Today I'm tackling a variety of odd jobs, the biggest being taking both kids (ages 5 and 1) for haircuts. Haircut day always poses a dilemma for me... should I give in and bribe DS (age 1) with a sucker, so that he sits perfectly still the whole time? I'm not normally in favor of rewarding their behavior with food, but the first time the stylist offered my screaming boy a sucker, WOW, I was amazed at how well that little trick worked. The suckers they have are the mini Dum-Dums, and by the time he's finished the sucker, the haircut is completely finished. I think it works so well with him because it's a rare treat, so he's content to put up with whatever she's doing to his head in order to enjoy the treat. I guess the trade-off in this particular case is worth it!

If I survive that, we also need to go to the bank and grocery store. Then, and only then, I'm going to work in some craft time.... I need to tackle Mother's Day cards, a birthday card, and a get-well card. Oh, and somewhere in there I need to do two loads of laundry and make supper. Whew!

What are you tackling today? Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom to share your tackles and encourage others!


  1. My son used to hate getting his hair cut. I say do whatever you need to do to get the job done.

    Good luck!

  2. hope the haircut goes well! i so understand that!

  3. Great tackle and one I need to do myself for my little man. Love your blog!

  4. My nephew used to hate haircuts so much, that different places used to refuse to serve us! Yep, we got KICKED OUT! Maybe they should have offered him a sucker!

  5. We bought a set of clippers and do it at home. Daddy is such an expert, and they seem to like it.

  6. Great tackle. Been working in the sunflower garden myself. Come see!

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