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Friday, May 9, 2008

Scrubs finale

Was anyone else really disappointed by the finale of Scrubs last night? DH and I have watched this show since the beginning, and we were sad to see it ending this year. (It was supposed to end last year but then Zach Braff agreed to do one more season.) But last night? Not their best work. The regular storyline was woven in with a fairytale, and it was cute, but for the series finale?!? Nothing was wrapped up, there was no closure, no nothing to indicate this was anything other than another episode. Also, things were out of order- Dr. Kelso stepped down as Chief of Medicine weeks ago and Dr. Cox took over, yet last night Kelso was back in his job. Keith suddenly was back in Elliot's life. It was like it came out of the middle of the season, and they just used it as the finale because it had a fairytale theme. It was very disappointing. I'd love to hear what other Scrubs fans thought...

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  1. I used to watch Scrubs, but then they changed the night and I "lost" it. But I always thought it was funny, witty and entertaining. The way you described the finale reminded me of the finale of Seinfeld. I was sooooo disappointed in that too!!!!

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