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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Shopping

baby hugs bear Right now, DH and I know of six couples who either have had a baby in the last month or are expecting one within the next few months. All of these impending arrivals meant that today I got to go baby shopping! Who can be in a bad mood surrounded by teeny tiny pink and blue clothes? :) I hadn't been to a mall since... well, I don't remember the last time... and I discovered that the stores have decided that it's almost fall already, so all of the summer stuff is already on clearance. I picked up a few adorable Carter's baby outfits today on clearance for $5-7 each, and I think they'll make great gifts.

For two of the impending arrivals, though, I'd like to add something a little more special.... any ideas? I can't spend a fortune. Right now I'm thinking of making dinner to take to them in the week after they come home- either a hot dinner that I can deliver, or a casserole they can freeze and eat later. I could also make them something crafty- I considered a blank scrapbook (my pages ready for their photos). Any ideas?

P.S. On a more serious note: One mom that we know had posted online this morning that she thought she was in the early stages of labor, and another had some questionable ultrasound results this week, so those two are especially on my mind and in my prayers today. If you'd like to offer up a little prayer for them yourself, I'm sure they'd appreciate it!


  1. Congratulations to those special couples. Makes me wish I could be shopping :) I like the meal idea. I tell you when I had Christian and we had meals from a church we were going to, it was wonderful! One good thing to include is to bring along disposable plates, utensils and napkins so they don't have to worry about washing. We recieved a really cool scrapbook made out of paper lunch sacks, very cool and small enough to tote around plus pockets to store stuff in. You can always join my SCS swap and get some all occassion pages for gifts too :) The scrapbook thing is definitely cool though.
    God bless,

  2. Fun!
    Well, what someone did for me with my first's baby shower was make a picture frame. It was a collage frame that would normally hang on the wall, but they glued pieces on to make it stand on a dresser top, and then added on the wooden letters spelling out my son's name. Very nice! Buying at a place like Michael's, the whole thing could have been less than $20.


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