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Monday, October 6, 2008

What are your causes?

We all have certain issues, or causes, that are near and dear to our hearts for one reason or another. We vote for/against these issues, we make donations, we talk to others, we volunteer our time. But how do you choose which issues are most worthy of your limited time and resources?

I have always been ProLife, even back when I was very liberal politically. I've marched in Washington, DC a handful of times, I've worked fair booths, I've written letters, I've debated with nice and not-so-nice people, I've prayed, I've had websites... you name it, I've done it. ProLife is a no-brainer to me-- "thou shall not kill", the end.

Several years ago I got involved in Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns. I have lost two friends to breast cancer, and my mother-in-law has survived two bouts with it, including a mastectomy. I've seen up close and personal how devastating this disease is, and spreading the word about how to be aware of your own body is an easy thing that I can do.

The Breast Cancer Site

I have been a volunteer since 2002 with ChemoAngels. We adopt patients via snail mail, and send cards and small gifts throughout their treatments to keep their spirits up. I have seen the receiving end of this (my grandma had uterine cancer) and I know this makes a huge difference to someone who is struggling. I also feel dedicated to this cause because it's volunteer work I can do from home at any time of day.

Now, since my daughter's diagnosis, I've been looking at Juvenile Diabetes organizations and wondering what I can do. I feel a strong urge to get involved there. I suppose that's a natural reaction.

Oh, and I also work for a non-profit nursing home. Championing causes like Alzheimer's Disease... not to mention our own fundraising... goes with the territory.

However, dedicating time and energy to all these causes means that I have very little to give to any one cause... and keeping up with all the issues definitely doesn't fit in with my quest to simplify life. So, my question for you is this... how do you decide where (which cause) to spend your time and/or money? Do you think you can be effective for numerous causes, or do you focus on one important cause and leave it at that? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Beautiful post, Amy.

    Like you, I'm steered by personal experience.
    I have a brother who is mentally ill, and that has a dear place in my heart.
    Having grown up in a devout Catholic family, Catholic choices are also one I tend to (like Little Sisters of the Poor, or Maryknoll).

    I've done the March for Life in D.C., too-what an experience! I am grateful I did it when I was young enough to shape me into adult.

    As for numerous causes, I DO think it's worth it to put time and energy into more than one cause. If it is important to YOU, then it's worth it. A ton of people doing small things certainly adds up.

  2. It is difficult to chase many rabbits, so to speak. But I don't think that it makes any of your causes less important than the other.

    I am not sure how you choose when there are so many worthy causes. Personally, I would choose the one that speaks to me the most in this season of my life. For example, if my daughter had Diabetes, then I'd focus on that, but I'd still go to rallies or walks for cancer too whenever they come up in my area and collect the Yoplait pink lids. The last two things may not be as involved as I'd like, but they still make a difference.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog!

  3. Oh Amy I know the feeling. I once started volunteering with the Alzheimer's Assoc after losing Grandma and having a Grandpa with it along with many in laws. Pro-life (I do work the fair booth), I want to volunteer at a CPC. Diabetes (this is hard because of the ethics of the ADA and their funding of fetal stem cell research). For me it boils down to how much time will I be gone from home? Hannah does the RTL booth with me as will they all when they come of age and maturity to do it. I didn't do the CPC as I just don't have the time to donate unless I take myself from my family and the Alz. Asscoc was the same way. I know that if God wants me in these places then He will make a way once I am able to but for now He has placed me to be a missionary in my home and as time allows in the church but for now I can be passionate without being on the front lines unless it's once a year at the fair :)
    God bless


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