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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Bargains Were Few, But Good

Nothing too exciting in the sales fliers this week for me... luckily we didn't need much. Here are the highlights of what I got today during my shopping trip:


  • stocked up on $1 bags of frozen veggies
  • Diaper deal: two bags of Kroger brand Comforts Diapers, regularly $6.99, on sale for $5.99, minus the printable $3 coupon here (can print twice)= $2.99 per bag. Thanks to Frugal in Virginia for that deal.
  • Mucinex: at the risk of TMI, let me tell you-- this stuff is worth even paying full price if I have to. But... Kroger had it on sale for $9.99. At the pharmacy counter (where they needed my id to sell it to me) there was a tear pad with a $2 coupon. So, for a grand total of $7.99, I got a bargain AND I'll be able to breathe right for the first time in a week! :)

Save A Lot:

  • Found a tear pad coupon: buy five side dish packets (noodles, rice- $1 each) and get a free package of smoked sausage. Since both items were on my list, this was a good deal for me.

As I said, nothing too exciting today... but still, a few good deals in the mix!

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  1. Hi Amy! Its jamauk from Frugal Village! I found you through Tiff. Great to see you out in blogworld!! I've added you to my google reader! ~Jessica

  2. Your blog is just so adorable! I love it!!!! I will visit it again!


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