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Friday, March 27, 2009

Juvenile Diabetes... where's our "stuff"?

I'm at a point in dealing with DD's Type I Diabetes where I'm starting to feel energized... starting to want to join a group, walk a walk, raise some funds, educate the world.... something. I'm tired of this disease having control over our lives, and I'm ready to start taking action on a bigger scale.

My online searches for groups, organizations, and research foundations almost all lead back to JDRF. There's nothing wrong with JDRF, (though my local chapter is disappointing), but you'd think there would be other organizations to become involved with outside of some online chat groups.

You know how everywhere you look there are pink ribbons? If you Google "breast cancer graphic", or clip art, or ribbon, you'll get thousands of hits. Tons of free graphics and logos to use. If you Google those same search terms, but for "Juvenile Diabetes" or "Type I Diabetes", you'll get next to nothing. There are some tshirts on Cafepress, and a couple of places sell grey ribbons, which is the general diabetes ribbon. A few sites have grey ribbons with red drops or red hearts on them to signify Juvenile Diabetes specifically. If you are a graphic designer, or even just someone who likes to make graphics from time to time, I've just handed you a niche to fill.

Three million Americans are affected by Juvenile Diabetes.. so why are we so quiet?!

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