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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Splurge: Spring Bag

Confession time... I splurged on myself today. I really wanted a new purse for Spring, and, lucky for me, Kohl's just happened to have a giant "lowest price of the season" sale going on. (I actually went there to pick up a gift for someone else. I got a great deal on that, too, but since that person sometimes reads my blog, I can't tell you about it!) I usually go with something fairly neutral, as I carry the same bag for months on end. Today, though, I saw this purse and it was love at first site. Those happy Spring colors... the perfect size... the "bucket" shape I usually favor... what's not to love? Happily, I snagged it for only $19.20... originally $48.00! I would never have paid $48, but at $19, it was just too good to resist. What about you... do you have a bag that you love? Do you carry the same one all the time, or change with every outfit?


  1. I would love to be a "designer purse girl" but my wallet won't let me...I tend to stick with one purse for a while, only getting a new one once the old is getting ragged or really just is no longer usable, but I have already sent DH 3 links for different purses as suggestions for my birthday :)

  2. Oh no! Why did you show me this? I have been hearing left and right about the GREAT bag sales and Kohl's right now and of course, I am on a Total Money Makeover. I have lots of bags, but carry the same one all the time and really, more than half the time, I just thow my wallet into the diaper bag!

  3. Very cute! I love the smaller wooden handle. :) Nice bright colors.
    I love Kohls and their sales.


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