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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where do babies come from?

The birth of my nephew a few days ago has prompted that dreaded question: "Mommy, where do babies come from?" We've been through this before, and up until now, our six year-old has been satisfied with our blanket answer of "God puts them in the mommy's tummy".

Now, though, she's starting to question things. When I tried that answer again on Saturday, she said that she knew that, but she didn't understand exactly how that happens, because on Jon & Kate Plus 8 she heard them talking about the doctors helping them get pregnant. (Note: before the recent scandals I always considered Jon & Kate Plus 8 to be an appropriate family-friendly show that we often watched together. I don't remember them talking about how they got pregnant, do you?) ::sigh::

So, now what? DH and I don't want to give her more information than she's ready for, but we also don't want to avoid answering her questions. We plan to answer her questions honestly... but the exact words haven't come to us just yet. Any advice? Good books you can recommend?

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  1. Gosh, I clicked on this post hoping to find some great answers because our 6 year old has been asking the same question. We've basically told him that when a Man and Woman love each other so much that they want to be a Mommy & Daddy together then God takes part of the Daddy and part of the Mommy and makes a baby and puts that baby in the Mommy's tummy. That seemed to quiet him at least for the time being, hope this helps! :)


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