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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DWTS: Go Kate!

OK, I don't typically blog about tv. but since my surgery, I seem to be watching a lot more tv than usual. 

I'm loving Dancing with the Stars this season.  I've always been a fan of Kate Gosselin-- I know she can be a little tough on people, but she certainly speaks her mind and gets things done.   I feel bad for her, too, because she looks scared to death every time she's performing.   And really, I would too... after all, most of the others are performers by nature, but Kate's tv career involved simply being herself while a camera happened to follow her at home.   So, anyways, I'm rooting for Team Kate.  

I'm also a fan of Niecy Nash.  She's such fun on Clean House, and her character on Reno 911 is pretty darned funny (though I don't watch the show by choice-- this is what happens when you're married to a cop, LOL). She seems like she's having such a great time dancing, too. 

I was surprised that Buzz was the first one to be announced as "safe" last night. His dancing skills aren't the greatest, but I really have to give him credit for even trying it at his age.

I'd like to see Pam Anderson voted off next.  The first night, I thought she was high-- did you get a look at her eyes? Maybe that's just her normal personality, who knows.   Between that and her constant writhing in front of the cameras (even in the background when others were interviewed), I've seen more than enough of her. 

So.... who are YOU cheering for?

Incidentally.... has anyone tried any of these DWTS exercise videos?   They looks like fun to me!

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