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Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday... maybe

Between a yet-unscheduled funeral, softball practices, a planned date night that will likely get rescheduled, and whatever else pops up.... this week's meals probably will not go exactly as planned.  That's nothing new, though... I feel like all my menu plans should come with some kind of disclaimer: This is what I plan to make, but due to circumstances beyond my control, we may or may not end up eating all of this stuff... or we may eat it, but not in this order.   LOL!

I called in an expert this week to consult on the menu plan-- my 3 year-old son.  After much prompting about what the family should eat this week, his menu plan goes like this: Monday: bananas, Tuesday: fish sticks, Wednesday: McDonald's.   And he'll have to get back to me later about the rest of the week, because his dinosaur show came on tv, and apparently that takes priority over menu planning.  :)

  • MONDAY:  Kids: fish sticks, macaroni, grapes, sugar snap peas (date night for us, maybe- this is the second time we've had it scheduled and there's a good chance it will be cancelled)
  • TUESDAY:  sausage melts on buns, sweet potato baked fries, carrots & celery
  • WEDNESDAY: crockpot ravioli (I add a can of diced tomatoes), texas toast, tossed salad, broccoli
  • THURSDAY: chicken/veggie stir fry over rice, egg drop soup, pineapple tidbits
  • FRIDAY: beef fajitas (using this marinade & hopefully the grill), mexicorn
  • SATURDAY:  homemade pizza, tossed salad
Everything on the menu this week is tried and true... meaning I've made all these recipes before and know my family likes them.  

Check out Menu Plan Monday @ I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menus and ideas.


  1. Hi Amy,

    I LOVE your disclaimer and feel that should be on my menu each week...lol. Your menu sounds delicious and I am going to have to try the Crockpot Ravioli...YUM. I LOVE using my crockpot!

    Hope you are having a great Monday.♥

  2. Your 3-year olds menu sounds just like mine if she was aloud to pick!! Lol! Or it would be breakfast for dinner EVERY night!!

    Thanks for the crockpot ravioli! I love cooking with my crockpot and am always looking for new stuff. Definitely going to add this one to the list!

  3. LOL! I like the way your 3yo thinks. Mine would probably love it, too.

    I love crockpot meals. Dinner in the slow cooker always makes me feel like I'm getting ahead. ;)

    Your menu looks delicious. I hope you & your husband are able to get in that date night!


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