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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Last Christian by David Gregory

The Last Christian: A NovelIn the future, it’s possible to live forever—but at what cost?

A.D. 2088.
Missionary daughter Abigail Caldwell emerges from the jungle for the first time in her thirty-four years, the sole survivor of a mysterious disease that killed her village. Abby goes to America, only to discover a nation where Christianity has completely died out. A curious message from her grandfather assigns her a surprising mission: re-introduce the Christian faith in America, no matter how insurmountable the odds.

In this fast-paced thriller, startling near-future science collides with thought-provoking religious themes to create a spell-binding "what-if?" novel.

When I read that except from the back cover, I thought  The Last Christian sounded like my kind book- a blend of Christian fiction and sci-fi.  I wasn't disappointed.  The characters were believable, and the plot, while set in a futuristic society, seemed plausible.  Abby's struggle to fulfill her mission in this strange new world kept me interested, and the hi-tech developments (or are they abominations?) in the future world really piqued my curiosity. This was easily the best Christian Sci-Fi book I've read yet.

You can download the first chapter of the book for free HERE, or you can see the video trailer for the book HERE.

This book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. 

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