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Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Reads: Believing in Jesus

Believing in Jesus: A Popular Overview of the Catholic FaithBelieving in Jesus:
A Popular Overview of the Catholic Church
6th Edition Revised (2009)

When I first picked up this book, I kind of had the impression I'd be reading a dry textbook, something akin to trying to read the Catechism cover to cover.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that that wasn't the case.

Believing in Jesus offers insight and explanations for many things that Catholics do and believe.  As a "cradle Catholics", many of us have grown up knowing that the church teaches this or that, but not necessarily understanding why.  This book answers many of those questions. 

I particularly enjoyed Chapter 13: Jesus Living in His Members.  It talks about the fact that the church is like the humans who make up the church... sometimes there are flaws and sometimes there are bad choices made by those who are supposed to lead.   The metaphor puts things into perspective in terms of the church not being the perfect institution many expect it to be.

This review was written as part of the Catholic book reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Believing in Jesus - 6th Edition Revised.

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