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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Diabetes Meme

As a D-mom, I've been enjoying reading this meme around the DOC (Diabetes Online Community).  I notice that there's a theme in the moms who blog-- we all feel that the D-care is ours, regardless of how great our husbands/ other family members are.   I'm pretty sure mom-guilt comes along with any child's diagnosis.  :(

What type of diabetes do you have:  My 7 year-old daughter has Type I.

When were you diagnosed:  September 19, 2008.  Our 2-year D-versary is coming up this week.

What's your current blood sugar:  She was 213 at breakfast.  

What kind of meter do you use:  One Touch Ultra and several One Touch Minis.  We have a mini one at school, a backup in her backpack, another backup in the car, and one by her bed. 
OneTouch Ultra Mini Blood Glucose Meter
How many times a day do you test your blood sugar:  We test DD between 4 and 8 times daily.  Breakfast, lunch, supper, bedtime- always.   Any other time she feels high/low, any time she wants more than a 15 carb snack, any time she's been playing sports.... you get the idea.

What's a "high" number for you: Lately we are seeing 300+ several times per week.  :(  We start pumping this week, though, and I pray that the pump will really help us get better control of those crazy numbers.

What do you consider "low":   The traditional "under 80".  I don't stress about anything in the 60's or 70's, but we do treat, as once she's under 80, she seems to drop quickly.

What's your favorite low blood sugar reaction treater:  Juice or glucose tabs.  
ReliOn - Glucose Fruit Punch Combo Pack, 110 Tablets
Describe your dream endo:  I think we just switched to her.  Available by email and answers personally, very proactive and progressive.  :)

What's your biggest diabetes achievement:  I think every time DD does whatever her friends are doing without worrying about Diabetes it's an achievement- we want her to live life as normally as possible.  Personally, I'd pick the first slumber party she went to this summer-- it was nerve wracking, but good for both of us!

What's your biggest diabetes-related fear:  That she will have another crazy low in the middle of the night and not wake up.  Honestly, I pray about this every night.  One bad night many months ago has scared me silly.   I'm anxiously awaiting the CGM (hopefully about two months after the pump) with the low alarm.

Who's on your support team:  My husband, parents, sisters, other family, and a few friends.

Do you think there will be a cure in your lifetime:  I honestly don't know.  I'm generally optimistic, but, with such varied areas of research and all, I think I'm just afraid to get my hopes up.

What is a "cure" to you:  Some way to kick-start her bad pancreas and make it start doing what it's supposed to be doing.

The most annoying thing people say to you about your diabetes is:  Did she eat a lot of candy?

What is the most common misconception about diabetes:  That diet cause it.  It makes me mad and also insults me that people actually believe that I fed my child such a poor diet that she now has to have numerous shots and finger sticks daily, especially since I have worked hard to make sure my kids eat well.  Argh!!   

If you could say one thing to your her pancreas, what would it be:  Ummm.... it would not be family-friendly, so I won't say.  ;)

Feel free to swipe this meme.... it's been going around the DOC!  

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  1. Good luck with the pump start...I cannot wait to read about it. Also, I applaud your "family friendly" approach...you must think I am horrible on Beta Buddies - LOL.

  2. This one has a couple extra questions compared to the one I have... Nice!

  3. (((hugs))) Amy. I'm so glad to hear she'll be on a pump - it'll make things easier for you all. I know with Type 2 people automatically assume that since I'm overweight, etc that I caused it. However, it's genetic and I know VERY skinny people that have it. Some people just aren't intelligent enough to research. You're doing all you can for M - and you're right mom guilt comes no matter what the diagnosis is.


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