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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

D-blog Day: 6 Things About Diabetes

Today is Dblog Day, the brianchild of Gina.  
The topic for the day is: 6 Things You'd Like People to Know About Diabetes.

1.)  There are several types of Diabetes, and they are different diseases.   I sincerely wish they had different names, because people might understand how very different they are then.   When the news talks about some new study or miracle treatment for diabetes, they almost always are referring to Type II.  
2.) My daughter did not cause her Type I Diabetes by eating too much sugar or by lack of exercise.  It insults me when people ask that- it feels like they're trying to blame me for causing this horrible disease in my child. Yes, some Type II Diabetics can go off their meds with diet changes and increased exercise... but that has nothing to do with my child.  Her pancreas doesn't make insulin, and it never will.  No amount of diet changes can change that.
3.) It is never ok to be the "Diabetes Police" for someone unless you are the responsible caregiver.  If you absolutely must voice your opinions about what's on a diabetic's plate, do it in private-- not out loud so that you make everyone uncomfortable.  I recently witnessed an adult Type II Diabetic be humiliated at a party when her adult daughter shouted across the room at her about the cookie she was eating.  The lady had her insulin right there, and there was no reason she shouldn't have quietly enjoyed the treat like everyone else there.  I really had to fight the temptation to go and get the lady a second cookie just to spite her daughter. 
4.) Just FYI, the term "Brittle Diabetic" is considered outdated.... but, I'll confess that sometimes, I still use it.  I find that people seem to understand that DD's numbers will never be "under control" if I use that term. It's not my choice of terminology, but hey, if that helps people understand, then I can go with it.
5.) Diabetes does not stop my daughter from anything that your child does.... birthday parties, Trick or Treat, swimming, softball... you name it. 
6.) There's a really cool project going on in the online diabetes world right now.  PLEASE take 1 minute and 49 seconds to watch this video. Roche has committed to donating life-saving insulin to children in need based on the number of people who go watch this video by November 14, which is World Diabetes Day. Pass it on!

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  1. I wish they had different names too. I believe that is a huge part of the confusion when trying to educate...and raise awareness.

    Great SIX!

  2. Love you #5! Diabetics can still have a life! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I totally would have brought the woman a second cookie!


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