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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Tonight at my house would either thrill or horrify a guest... we'll be sitting around eating snack foods for supper (hot wings, sausage dip, etc.) and watching the election results.    Election nights tend to be very similar to sporting events around our house-- there will be channel flipping, cursing, and there's a pretty fair chance that some political arguments (yes, with the tv) will ensue.

This election is big.  Here in Ohio, there are a few key positions up for grabs.   We also had a local levy up that would mean a large tax increase- I'm really not sure how that will pan out. 

Personally, I'm hoping to see a huge Republican sweep.  There are some Libertarians and Independents worth taking a look at, too, but since in the big picture it's all red or blue, I'll be rooting for those red seats.  It should be an interesting night in the world of politics. 

Have YOU voted yet?

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  1. We're hoping for red here, too! We voted this morning, thankfully with no line.

  2. I love election day! When I went to journalism school, it always meant pizza and other junk food :) There are a lot of big issues here in Missouri too --- I hope everything turns out how I voted.

  3. Yeppers!!! I voted before picking up the children from school. I hope you have a fun night watching the results roll in.


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