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Monday, December 13, 2010

Season of Exhaustion

Where do you find yourself today, with two weeks to go before Christmas?   I had hoped this would be the year my shopping would all be finished the first week of December... yet I'm still lacking three gifts.  This year we got the Jesse Tree book, made the ornaments.... and have yet to fully assemble and do the nightly readings.   I'm finding myself really drawn to writings on Ignation Spirituality (Jesuits) lately, and keep thinking that Advent is the perfect time of year to deepen my spiritual time.... but the only quiet time I seem to find lately is right before bed, when I'm usually too exhausted to do more than stare at the news before I fall asleep.  I have a million blog posts floating around in my head, but no time/energy to write them.

I have a lot to be thankful for, too-- DD's seizure from a few weeks ago didn't have any lasting effects; DH's health seems to be improving; things at work (part-time) have settled down.  

I'm just.... exhausted.   Exhausted translates to forgetful and highly irritable, which is NOT how I want to spend my Christmas season.   So, today, I vow to get back into the Christmas spirit.  Here I go...

What are your tricks for getting/keeping the Christmas spirit?

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  1. Oh yes, we've all felt exhausted, too. It sure does make it hard to be more festive and less like Scrooge. 3 of us have had colds, my 6yo now has a fever, and my hubby has been stressed from preparing for his final exam.
    Most of our shopping is done, but it's just HECTIC.
    I do love Christmas, though. I hope we're all in good health again soon & can join you in embracing the Christmas spirit! Good Luck! (and that IS wonderful news about your daughter!)


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