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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ham, ham, and more ham.

I didn't post a menu plan this week because it would have looked like this:

MONDAY: ham and cake
TUESDAY: ham and cake
WEDNESDAY: ham and cake
THURSDAY: ham.... but we'll probably be out of cake

LOL!  Why so much ham and cake?  Well, Sunday was my daughter's First Communion.  I had bought a whole ham and half a sheet cake.... and then the guest list kept dwindling.  In the end there were just eight of us here.  I was able to cut down the side dishes (7 layer salad, jello with oranges, deviled eggs, ranch potatoes, hummus and pepper strips) to better suit that sized crowd, but I opted to go ahead and fix the whole ham.   And the cake, well.... it had already been ordered from the bakery that we use for special occasions, so, it had to stay as it was.   

Last night we had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and various leftovers from the party.  I figure we'll have ham omelettes one night, and maybe my crockpot ham, green beans, and potatoes another night.   We've been packing ham sandwiches and roll-ups in our lunches.  I might whip up some of my own recipe for ham salad.   And when we are sick of eating ham, I'll freeze whatever is left.

In the meantime, though.... what is YOUR favorite way to use up leftover ham? I'd love to find some new ham recipes to try!

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