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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Menu Plan- week of 4/19

Whoops, I worked on our menu plan on Sunday but then forgot to hit "publish" on this post!  So here it is, a day late.  :)

I don't have the WW points calculated for these meals yet, but I usually watch my portion sizes and stay around 8-10 points for supper... these meals should all fall in that range.
  • MONDAY: DD's request: roasted chicken wings tossed in buffalo sauce, ranch potato wedges, salad 
  • TUESDAY: DH's request:  my mom's recipe for crockpot BBQ Ribs, corn
Mom's BBQ Ribs:
3-5 lbs boneless spare ribs
1 bottle favorite BBQ sauce (we actually prefer a store brand sauce)
salt & pepper, to taste
Place ribs in crockpot, season to taste with salt and pepper. Cook on low all day (do not add any liquids). About an hour before serving time, drain liquid that has accumulated, and pour in BBQ sauce to coat ribs.  Allow to cook while sauce thickens and you prepare the rest of the meal.
  • WEDNESDAY: crockpot ravioli (I add diced tomatoes), garlic bread, tossed salad, broccoli
  • THURSDAY:  frozen Chinese sweeet/sour chicken dinner, mixed vegetables
  • FRIDAY:  bean burritos, mexicorn, salad
  • SATURDAY:  homemade pizza & tossed salad  
Check out lots of others' menus and post your own at Menu Plan Monday!

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