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Monday, October 3, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 10/3

The weather has turned chilly here and I'm definitely craving my favorite comfort foods... how about you? :)

  • MONDAY:  DD's request: our family's favorite meatloaf  (I use torn fresh bread, not crumbs), my loaded smashed potatoes (cubed potatoes, boiled, lightly mashed but still chunky, combined with sour cream , chives, and cheddar cheese),  green beans
  • TUESDAY:  new recipe: Chicken Noodle Casserole, green beans  *Edited to add: as I was out surfing through other's menus, I spotted this Buttery Bread Machine Rolls recipe on Kendra's menu @ Happily Managing a Household of Boys.  I think it will go perfectly with this meal, so I'm adding it in!
  • WEDNESDAY: a new crockpot recipe: chuck roast, an envelope of gravy mix, Italian dressing mix, water.   I'll actually be substituting real Italian dressing and skipping the water- I think that will be fine.   I think we'll shred that and make wraps out of it (lettuce, cheese, etc.).  (If this entire menu entry looks familiar, it's because I'm copying and pasting it from a few weeks ago when we wound up skipping this meal!) 
  • THURSDAY: my very own recipe for General Tso's Chicken with stir-fried veggies and rice (kids will have Sweet and Sour sauce on theirs) 
  • FRIDAY:   leftovers or sandwiches & soup
  • SATURDAY: It's Pizza Night here every Saturday- we pretty much always have some variety of homemade pizza and tossed salad. 

Have you heard? I've started a new blog, The Sugar Sharks, all about our life with Type I Diabetes. .....................................
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  1. Thanks for visiting "2 Make Ends Meet" today! I am now following you on Twitter! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting! Your menu sounds great. I've made that chuck roast before and it was great. Sorry to hear about your freezer.

  3. Great menu!! The Chicken Noodle Casserole is for sure going to be a lunch item next week. That looks soo good!

    THANKS for stopping by! Your family will love the Buttery Rolls. I have a couple of friends who are always emailing me for the link because they like them, but keep losing the link. LOL

    A small hint: I sometimes add in fresh garlic or garlic powder for hint of Garlic Rolls! Very good both ways!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Simplify, Live, Love! I'm following you on twitter and like you on FB! And, I've bookmarked your recipe for General Tso's chicken! Looks delish.

    :-) Have a great day!

  5. Actually, I thought I had you on FB, but now I can't find your page again to like it. When I click on your FB button, it takes to a plugin page?

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am heading over to check out your General Tso's Chicken recipe- it's one of my favorites!

    Have a good week!

  7. looks like a great menu. id love to make chuck roast but its exoensive and we need so much to feed 5 people!
    Here is a link to my Menu Plan/Question of the week
    I'd love if you stopped by my blog to check it out and answer the question of the week,which will now be a weekly thing on my blog!
    Have a great weekend
    (im just now on saturday getting a chance to finish browsing menus)
    Cooking with Cristin


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