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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tinseled Tuesdays #1

It's time to start thinking about holiday shopping!  Join me here each Tuesday to share a gift idea- it can be something to make, a frugal deal you've found, a review product you've loved, a pin you found on Pinterest... whatever type of unique, frugal gift idea that you'd like to share.

This week, I'd like to share some kitchen gift ideas for the home cook on your list.

I recently reviewed the Leifheit 3086 Vario Board Cutting Board and I LOVED it!  It's a nice, heavy board that's elevated about 2" off your counter top, making it easy to slide a plate underneath to transfer your chopped vegetables.  It also comes with four interchangeable mats so that you can chop various foods without risk of cross-contamination.  The mats are also great for picking up and transferring food directly to a hot pan on the stove.   Now, at $39, this is a little more than I would usually spend on a Christmas gift, but if that's in your price range, I'd definitely recommend that you take a look at this cutting board.

There are tons of other cutting boards out there, if this idea appeals to you but that price is a bit much.  I like these lightweight cutting mats that come in a set of 3 for just under $5.   And there are plenty of other options... wooden boards, decorative boards, small boards, large boards... you name it!

Now, just a cutting board by itself might not seem like a great gift to you.  Why not pair it with some other fun things and make it a set?   You could match it up with:
  • a nice set of knives
  • cheeseball mix, crackers, and maybe a fancy cheese knife
  • fresh cheese and a cheese slicer
  • some unusual vegetables or fruits to sample
  • some home canned vegetables or fruits

So, now it's your turn.... link up below and share a great holiday gift idea!

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This week's post was about a store-bought gift idea, but next week I'll focus on quick and easy homemade gifts.  Any type of gift idea that you'd like to share is welcome!


Join me here each week for Tinseled Tuesdays to share your holiday gift ideas! And don't forget to visit my new blog, The Sugar Sharks, all about our life with Type I Diabetes. 
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  1. I added a link to one of my favorites...coasters! So cheap and easy and we use them every day.

  2. The best least expensive gift my husband gave me was a 2 sided frame that folds in the middle. It was a cutsy frame. On one side was a photo of me as a 5 year old doing crafts and on the other a photo of hubby around same age playing with a cat ( he chose to display attributes we still have as adults- crafty/ animal lover.
    The whole thing cost less than $5!!!
    You can do this with photos of you/kid you/best friend
    Sibblings, etc...
    One of the whole family as babies?


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