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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Recent Reads: Bible Detective

Bible Detective: A Puzzle Search Book is very much like a Biblical version of "Where's Waldo".  Each two-page spread features an illustrated scene from the Bible, with the frame around the scene showing the items to search for and a short description of each item.

Sometimes the pictures you find don't exactly match the ones shown in the border, but they fit the description-- such as on page 14, when you're searching for the "friends carrying Jesus' body".  There are two people carrying a body, but they are not dressed the same or facing the same way as the people in the list.   That's confusing, especially for young readers who may not completely understand the description on their own.  I wish the pictures in the list were exactly the same as the ones in the puzzle. 

The book does include an answer key in the back, which is helpful.  There were a few times when the kids and I all searched for something but couldn't find it.

My 9 year-old was quickly bored with the puzzles, but the book held my 6 year-old's attention for a lot longer.

Disclosure:  I was provided with a free copy of this book by Kregel Blog Tours in exchange for posting my honest opinion online. I always post my own opinion and do not accept review items which ask for a positive review. 

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