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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Support Hobby Lobby!

The HHS mandate kicks in on January 1st.  The owners of Hobby Lobby have been fighting this mandate, because they believe that they should not be forced to pay for contraception for their employees.  The owners have made the difficult decision to pay the $1.3 million dollar per day fine, rather than give in and go against their beliefs.  

Luckily, it appears that they have chance.... on Saturday the seventh circuit blocked the HHS mandate.for a small business in IL... meaning that Hobby Lobby should, logically, be afforded the same protection. There are many expensive and long court battles to come before this will all be resolved.

January 5th has been designated as a day of support for Hobby Lobby.  Stop in to your local Hobby Lobby that day and make a purchase.   If it's not a store you'd normally visit, rest assured-- their Christmas clearance and cheap home decor aisles will have something you'll want.  Hobby Lobby happens to be one of my favorite stores, and this was long before the HHS mandate came up!

Read more here: Support Hobby Lobby, Here's How (Patheos blog).

You can also click HERE to email a note of thanks and support to the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby.

I'll be happy to spend a little money there on January 5th.  I hope you'll join me!

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