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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 Reasons I Love Catholicism

 photo 3a53cbef-c09a-41a2-9a0b-0f9af0b18a5b_zpsf2a9e461.jpg1.) Traditions & History.   First, let me say, I know that we are supposed to trust in the Lord and not lean on man's traditions.  I get that. It's a confusing issue when you talk to Protestants and Catholics, but we believe that our traditions are taken from Scripture.

 The way we Catholics do things is traditional... some would say even old-fashioned... and has been handed down for generations.  Who else in this modern age of instant messaging would rely on white smoke for a major announcement?   I love that.   I love knowing that our ancestors sat around and waited for that same white smoke after they attended a mass that was very similar to ours.  I love knowing that every year at Easter the music becomes joyful again (my favorite time of year in the church), and that every year on Ash Wednesday you can identify your fellow Catholics on the street by their "dirty" foreheads.  

Sometimes I feel like I'll never have enough time in my life to learn about all the beautiful-- and the not-so-beautiful-- history of the church.

2.)  The Mass.   The older I get, the more I understand what each and every piece of the mass means.   And I love that I have this universal bond with Catholics everywhere-- I could walk into a Sunday mass at any parish and fit right in.

The mass gives us an opportunity each and every week to hear Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms... all right there, tied together for us. 

I attended a long service at a church of another Christian denomination a while back, and after sitting for more than an hour during the sermon, I found my mind wandering and my attention drawn more to the church's decorations than to the minister's message.  It was then that I finally understood why we Catholics sit, stand, and kneel.   Sitting for long periods allows your mind to wander, whereas in a mass you are fully engaged in worship- physically moving, verbally responding, etc. 

3.)  There have been Catholics studying God's word for hundreds of years.  All those years of Bible scholars and great leaders (and some not-so-great) have led the church to where it is today.  When I am not sure about something I am reading in my Bible, I can turn to the church's teachings to explain it.  I could spend every moment of my life studying the Bible and still never have the understanding that has been passed down through the church.

There are those who don't think that Catholics are true Christians... others mistakenly believe that we worship Mary, that we added extra books to the Bible, and that we're not true Christians.   None of those things are true, of course.  I feel like I am defending my faith more and more lately, but still, I'm proud to be Catholic!

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  1. Wonderful reasons, Amy! I especially love what you have to say about the Church scholars. It's so true! I'd never ever get to where Thomas Aquinas and Augustine ended up and I'm so grateful for their knowledge and wisdom!

    1. By the way, I sent you an email but I'm not sure it went through. There will be a new edition of 3 Reasons I Love Catholicism this Friday, so feel free to link this up then. :)


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