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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Recent Reads: The Glory of Heaven

 Glory of Heaven, The: Inspiring True Stories and Answers to Common Questions by Betty Malz

I misktakenly believed, when choosing this book to review (courtesy of Chosen Publishing), that it would be a compilation of various people's beliefs and stories of what they think heaven will be like.  Instead, the entire book is Mrs. Malz's own beliefs, backed up by anectdotes and scripture quotes.

Her opinions are stated as facts, such as her notion of exactly what type of vehicles people will use to get around in heaven ("I estimate that they travel at least at the speed of sound and are propelled by the power of God; no motors, no fuel.  The vehicles can travel over land, river, or sky.", page 47.)  I find these kinds of ideas interesting to imagine, but not based in Scripture.

Many times I feel that she over-simplified things.  In chapter nine she asserts that true believers can determine the way they will pass away, citing several stories of folks who did just that by declaring to someone the day or time they would pass.  Having worked in a nursing home for 18+ years, I can tell you, I have seen many true believers who have most certainly not been able to choose the way in which they would spend their final minutes.  I found this chapter rather insulting, implying that those with "true" faith have some sort of power that others don't in this area.

Another time she mentions that she went through a period of depression, which was suddenly cured when she sat down at the piano and played a worship song.  While I'm happy that it worked for her, the implication that anyone can cure their own depression in such a simple manner was a bit much for me to swallow.

All in all, this book simply did not resonate with my personal faith and beliefs.    Had I not been obligated to write a review, I would likely have just stopped reading it after the first few chapters.  

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book by Chosen Publishing in return for posting my honest review online.

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