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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A good CVS trip

Don't you love a good CVS run?

I hear all the time from people that they don't have time to do coupons.  Yes, you do.  Just a few minutes at home to organize your list and coupons, and then a few minutes in the store can really save you money on things that you would be buying anyway.

Yesterday I had a great ten-minute trip to CVS:

  • two Crest B toothpaste  (raincheck from last week when they ran out)
    • $5.69 each
    • on sale (raincheck) for $4.99
    • - $1 printable coupon on one
    • - $1 newspaper coupon on the other
    • - $2 coupon machine coupon off an $8 toothpaste purchase
    • and received $4 back in ECB on each one  
    • = better than free  
  • one Dawn dish soap
    • on sale for $.99
    • - $.25 newspaper coupon
    • = $.74 total
  • two Cadbury eggs  (my very favorite treat)
    • on sale, buy one get one free
    • =$.99 total for two
  • I had $1 in ECB to use
Grand total= $7.27 paid out of pocket, and I walked out with $8 in ECBs to spend next time.  I like to think of it as CVS paying me $.73 cents to take those things home.  THAT is my kind of shopping!  :)

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1 comment:

  1. Ahhhhhh, CVSing... I used to do this all the time. I have toothbrushes to last me the rest of my life!

    Good job!


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