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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Scrapping #1

My personal life keeps interfering with my blogging time... oh, wait, that does sound a little backwards, doesn't it? LOL. Things have just been busy here in our house and I'm finding less and less time to blog.

Once again, my goal for today is to get some scrapping done and finish organizing things in my new supply cart. This was also my goal last weekend, but, I didn't get too far. I'm going to set a new personal goal to scrap at least two pages every weekend, and on Sundays I'll post something about scrapbooking. Care to join me? I'm considering starting a Sunday meme to this effect... leave me a comment if you'd be interested!

I'll leave you with some good scrappy blogs I've found recently:

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  1. Yes, count me in! But unfortunately I can't promise I'll actually get around to doing any scrapping every weekend. I haven't scrapped a page in at least 6 months, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to sit down again. But I think I'd try harder if there was some sort of meme or challenge going on, because I'm a very competitive person. *lol*

    Could cardmaking fit into the meme? Because then the probabilities of me doing something are better. I really should get started on the Christmas cards. I need to make at least 50 in less than a month, so I guess I'll be quite busy the next couple of weeks.


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