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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WFMW: Backwards Edition/ Clothes Advice?

Today at Works For Me Wednesday, it's backwards day... meaning that instead of offering a little tip of our own, we get to ASK for advice.

So, here's my question: What on earth do you do with outgrown kids' clothes to store them before giving them away? Ours eventually make their way to friends and to Goodwill, so that's not the problem part. It's storing them in the meantime that has me stumped.

My current system- a garbage bag in each kid's room- is not attractive, nor is it efficient. Trash bags tip over and spill their contents. Trash bags rip if they're too full. Sometimes "helpful" kids put the wrong clothes in, thinking that's the place for clothes that should go in the laundry. Ugh.

Those trash bags get filled, then moved to the hallway, then to garage where they linger for months before I finally get them delivered to where they need to go.

I've tried other things- boxes labeled with the current sizes, for example. But lack of space didn't make this too efficient for us.

So, I'm asking.... what's your system?

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  1. I put my kids' outgrown clothes in one of those white file boxes, and label the outside with the size of clothes I've put inside. If it's my older girl's things we're getting rid of, we put the file boxes on the top shelf of my little girl's closet until she's big enough to use them. If it's my little girl's stuff, I stack the boxes in the garage and try to remember to stick them in the car when I know I'll be running by Goodwill (which is frequent, since the Goodwill truck parks in the Walmart lot every day!).

  2. We have a large attic so storage isn't such a big issue. But collecting things as Princess outgrows them can be tricky. I tried boxes, diaper cases, plastic tubs and didn't like them.

    Then I discovered the Ziploc Big Bags. They are just like regular zip closing sandwich bags but pillow case size or larger. I keep on in her closet to put things in as she outgrows it. As I put the first item in I write that size on the outside of the bag. Then when it is full I mark the largest size inside thus I know what size range of clothing is inside. They are as convenient and easy as trash bags but zip closed and they have HANDLES making it easy to move them around, take out to the car, etc.

  3. I use large rubbermaid containers.
    Once I pass them on - I put them into plastic bags and reuse the rubbermaid container.

  4. I do it once a month so it never gets to be too much. I keep a tub by the dryer into which we toss clothing we are ready to part ways with. Once a month I sort that tub into ebay, consignment, and charity piles. Then I send it off. If I let the tub get too full the task seems daunting and I put off doing it.

  5. With three boys under 7 I feel like I'm under a huge pile of clothing that no one fits into! I have a box in the closet that I toss outgrown stuff (that I can't just move to another boy's closet)or out of season stuff.
    In the garage I have those big rubbermaid totes. Each one is a size. All size 4 stuff is in there. If one bin is not enough then I split by season. 4 winter and 4 summer. (Just mark which one you put the jeans in.) Now, that I have a bit more experience, I would take two bins to mean... Get Rid of Some of This.
    I do shoes in a box marked by size range... 5-8, for instance.

  6. Large plastic containers clearly labelled!

    Amy, thanks for your very thoughtful comment on my blog and for your prayers!

  7. I have a basement filled with Rubbermaid bins, but they take up so much space! Rather than keep buying new ones, I've switched to the Ziploc Big Bags that someone else mentioned. Love em! The extra advantage is that they are clear, so you can see precisely what is in them.

    I go through my kids dressers fairly often, and I also keep a canvas bin on top of my baby's dresser and toss outgrown stuff into it as I come across it. When the bin is full, I move the items to the basement.

    My brother and SIL are expecting, so I'll be passing along any baby clothes to them.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday!

  8. Hi, just thought I would share my post regarding laundry tips for large households--in it you will see my sytem for storing clothes. I have 4 boys and they are kind of spread out in age--on avg. 3 yrs apart. But still saving their hand-me-downs has saved me a ton!


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