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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sunday Scrappin' #3

Sunday Scrappin’ Well, I'm actually posting this on Saturday night... but hey, it's my meme, so I can post when I feel like it, right? :)

TA-DA's: I've made a lot of progress with my Christmas cards this week. I've stamped all the envelopes with snowflakes (love that new $. 50 stamp!) and I've addressed a few of them. I've also done the ribbon on about 15 cards... then I ran out of ribbon. So I moved on to stamping the inside of the cards-- all of the cards now have the scripture verse and greeting stamped inside. Whew! I still have a lot to do, as there will be two stamped images on the front and both will be on small squares of vellum, but still, I'm happy with my progress.
TO-DO's: Finish addressing envelopes, cut vellum squares, stamp images on vellum. Oh, and run to the store for more ribbon, and maybe get everything assembled. I don't think that will all happen this week with the holiday and all, but I can dream!
BONUS QUESTION: ARE YOU MAKING ANY CHRISTMAS GIFTS THIS YEAR? Well, I'm making all my Christmas cards, and we send 70-75. I don't have plans to make any other gifts at this late date-- maybe next year!

I'll try and get a photo up here tommorow of my in-progress cards... right now I need to get to bed, before my sick children are up again.

If you do any kind of paper crafts, I hope you'll join us over at Sunday Scrappin'!


  1. Sounds like you've got a good jump on your Christmas cards. I'm hoping this weekend to get a decent photo of the kids to order some photo cards.

  2. I think your Christmas cards will turn out BEAUTIFUL! I hope to see some pictures soon.

    I have not even started on my Christmas cards yet. :-( There just isn't any time for play right now. *sobbing* Oh well, as soon as I finish my first 3 exams (only 2 more weeks to go) I will take a day off and do some serious scrapping. *lol*

    God bless.

  3. Love the sound of your cards. Make sure you send me one LOL, seriously :)

    God bless,


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