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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Disappointing Movies

moviesThis week's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Movies That Disappointed You. I'm not a big movie buff- in fact, I usually can't remember the names of movies that I do like, let alone those I didn't. But let me think a little...

1.) The first one is easy. Castaway. Without a doubt, one of my least favorite movies of all time. It didn't have an ending, the movie lasted waaaaay too long, and did I mention that it didn't have an ending? What if that last box had contained a cell phone or a radio? And what's up with just standing at a crossroads as an ending to a movie? Ugh!
2.) Next up on my list would be Chicago. I am a big fan of musicals, and I like all the main actors in this version, but I couldn't even sit through the entire 2002 version.
3,4,5.) The Matrix movies... all of them. All of the special effects kept me awake, but that's about it- the storylines and characters didn't do much for me. (And if you're wondering why I watched these after not liking the first, it's because my DH loves these movies.)
6,7.) The Pirates of the Caribbean... both of them. Again, I watched them with DH, but I was bored silly. On the plus side, Johnny Depp wasn't bad to look at. ;)
8.) The DaVinci Code. I just had to watch it after all the hype, so I could form my own opinion. My opinion? That's a couple of wasted hours of my life that I'll never get back. Most of the theories were soooo far-fetched, and all of the top-secret allegedly Catholic stuff really got on my nerves after a while. There were a few interesting tidbits, but overall I just felt like this movie was not nearly the big deal people made it out to be.
9.) The 40 Year-Old Virgin. This isn't usually my type of movie, but since everyone talked about how funny this movie was, I watched it (free) on "on demand" tv one night. Yuck! It was very predictable, it wasn't very funny, and it lasted way too long.
10.) Shrek the Third- we're Shrek fans in this house, but the third movie in the series lacked the "punch" that the first two had. I hope they won't try for a fourth!

OK, there you have it, the ten most disappointing movies I can remember. Share your own list over at Ten On Tuesday.

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