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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Scrappin' #17: March 9th

**My TA-DA's: Well, not a lot to show, but I am working things, LOL! I've worked on some swap pages (recipes) and gotten things layed out, but nothing finished yet. I think my only completely finished project for the week was this card, which I did for an "Inspiration Challenge" at SCS (#IC118). The inspiration piece was a beautiful green quilt.

** My TO-DO's: Finish and mail the 6x6" recipe swap pages that I'm working on. And if this rotten Ohio weather cooperates, my friend Sarah and I are getting together on Monday to work on some swaps together. If Sarah can't make it, I'll have to work on those swaps anyway.

**This week's "bonus questions": What's on your craft supply wishlist right now? Please tell us what you'd like to have and why. Links or photos would be great, too! I have a loonnnggg wishlist, LOL! If we ever hit the lottery (we'd have to start playing first) I'd love to have a Cricut for cutting and embossing paper. And since I'm dreaming, I'll go ahead and add The Work Box to that list... if you take a look at that link, I'm sure I don't have to explain that one. :) But, on my more realistic wishlist, there are a lot of Stampin' Up stamp sets that I'd love to have, a good paper trimmer, and Clear Dollar Stamps' Postcard Factory.

I recently ordered one thing that's been on my wishlist for a long time- a personalized "created by" stamp. I found some neat ones on eBay, so I ordered this one. I can't wait to get it!

If you do any sort of paper crafts, I hope you'll join us over at Sunday Scrappin'!

Sunday Scrappin’


  1. Hello. Well I got out today, it wasn't too bad but if we still get together I will be taking only the back way in :) Yes, it's fine if you use the colored pencils on the SS blog :) I think I will keep the brown look, more simple and streamlined. I still have to add some of my links and such but will work on that when I get time. I like that stamp you ordered on ebay, now I want one LOL>

  2. Your card is very pretty. Now you have me drolling over the workbox. I love it and it will be added to my dreams. LOL!

  3. Hey! I see you're a "company girl" too! I WANT that work box! It's incredible! I've seen the criket advertised, too. Both out of my reach for now, but definitely wish list items. Your card above turned out so pretty! My scrappin' is posted now.

  4. The card is really pretty. I made cards all summer and now I have a box of them...I need to mail them out!
    Great wish list!

  5. That card is beautiful!!! Blessings.

  6. Very cool challenge card!! I loved that challenge!! I forgot to answer the wish list question! I'll have to do that next time!! LOL Don't we all have long wishlists??!!

  7. Great card Amy. :) If the weather cooperates around here, a friend will be coming over to scrapbook this week too. I am soo ready for Spring. :) Have a great week!


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