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Monday, June 23, 2008

Google Satellite Pic in my Front Yard

PhotobucketOk, I'm a little creeped out by this. I was on a site earlier today that mentioned a satellite map, and just for fun, I clicked over to Google Maps to see if my house was on there yet. We're in a new subdivision, and for a long time when you clicked on my address, it would show a picture of a corn field- LOL!

Well, now I'm definitely not laughing.... typing in my address shows a full color photo of the front of my house, complete with our vehicles in the driveway. There's a feature to pan & zoom the camera around our cul de sac, and you can see my neighbor (albeit a bit blurry) getting her mail out of her mailbox. It's just downright creepy... who knows who's looking at that?

I really feel like this is an invasion of our privacy. I vaguely remember a story a few years ago about a woman who could see her cat in her window on the map being upset with the map program- now I understand how she felt! I'm going to talk to DH about this tonight and see what he thinks. What about you... how do you feel about the world being able to see your home online?


  1. Okay, WOW!!! Yep scary. I do want to see though if I walk outside can I see myself LOL. I wonder if my neighbors know about this. I will have to tell DH about it as well. At least the grass is mowed. I do have to say this picture is old though since we have since removed the bushes from out front.

  2. Hi Amy - I hate to say I haven't been by in a while!

    And YES - that lack of privacy is cree-pee! Thankfully we live in a pretty small town in an rural area, so our house isn't on there, but I have seen my MIL's!


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