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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane news... in Ohio?

All the schools and many businesses are closed today. Power outages are widespread, affecting as many as ten thousand people according to the local news. Trees are down everywhere, including one on my grandma's house and one on my brother-in-law's car. In my cul de sac alone, one neighbor lost part of a roof, another lost large pieces of siding, and we lost a few pieces of siding ourselves.

All of this from the hurricane... and we're all the way up here in OHIO, without a coastline anywhere to be seen! My prayers are still with those of you who are in the coastal areas!

UPDATE AROUND 12:15am (LATE MONDAY/EARLY TUESDAY): All the schools are closed again tomorrow, and the news now says that close to 300,000 people in this area are without power, AND they're not expecting power to be restored for up to a week for most areas. It's crazy! Ya'll down south have my sympathies. It just blows my mind what we're dealing with here, so far from the heart of the storm... I can't imagine what it's like on a coast!


  1. It's CRAZY!!
    I'm pretty sure you know which part of Ohio we're in.
    So far it's not been too bad, but Saturday we hit TERRIBLE rain driving into MI. Visibility was terrible, it was pouring, etc.

    I sure hope everyone in your neck of the woods is staying safe!

  2. My folks live in Dayton and my mom said most of the city is w/o power. Amazing...

  3. Stay safe, Amy. Ike is a booger! We're home and doing fine. I posted earlier today about it. Thanks for your prayers! I know they have helped. It will definitely take some time to get things back to normal here, but it's moving in the right direction!

  4. We live in southwest Ohio and we were without power for 54 HOURS. Absolutely insane! Who would've thought a hurricane could cause so much damage so far away from the coast?!

  5. Sorry you're experiencing effects of the hurricane way up there. We won't see business as usual for quite a whie down here in southeast Texas.


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