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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Organizing Bug

Every year at this time I get the organizing bug... and this year I have an especially bad case. I want to clean out every cupboard and to institute new organizational systems in every room of our home. I have a strong urge to pare my closet down to about four outfits and just donate everything else... hey, less laundry, right?! I caught myself earlier today wondering if the box of trash bags in the garage was going to be enough... and it's a huge box from the warehouse club. Yeah, I might go a little overboard.

As I've been going through my reader this morning I see that I'm not the only one with this bug:

What about you? Do you have any organizing projects in the works right now?


  1. I always have the organizing bug! Have you checked out organising queen or orgjunkie? Two of my favorite organizing blogs.

    Right now I need to de-clutter the Christmas stuff. I'm also thinking of paring down my closet.

    Thanks for the link love! I hope you get some new scrapping organizing tools.

  2. We'll be coming up with a plan to go through all the closets and cabinets in our apartment over the next few months. We're thinking that we may actually buy a house this summer, and I am NOT moving all the junk we've got. It's time to go through it all and get rid of it! I'm dreading it, but know it will be great once it's done!


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