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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diabetic charms, anyone?

Does anyone know where I can order "diabetic" charms for beading? I've given up on finding my daughter a reasonably priced Medical ID that doesn't look like it belongs to a 90 year-old man. (Not that there's anything wrong with 90 year-old men... LOL!)

It also has to be fairly plain, in order to be worn with her school uniform. There are several neat sites with colorful beaded id bracelets out there, but none have exactly what I want. What I'm looking for are charms that say "diabetic", either dangling or long & thin, like the name plate on a charm bracelet. I've searched online several times now, and I keep finding really expensive ones (Sorry, but the 6 year-old doesn't need 24k gold!) but nothing in a more reasonable price range. Any ideas? OK, this is just too funny. Right after I hit the "publish" button on this post, I decided to search again on my own. Wouldn't you know it, the second site I clicked on had the exact charms I had pictured in my head, and they are only $5 each. I can't believe I finally found them, and right after I had posted this asking for help-- LOL!! However... I'll still be happy to have any ideas or other sources you might want to share!

I'll be back later with pics from yesterday of my crafty projects for my sister's baby shower!

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  1. I posted on a blogging buddy's site who makes gorgeous beaded jewelry! I'll see what she comes up with! :)


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