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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did you go to a tea party?

They're all over the news today... who knew? A couple of weeks ago I joined up on a Facebook group for the local tea party. I seriously considered going, right up until the cold/ rain/ whining children that I was contending with at 5pm last night kind of changed my mind. Now, I'm wishing I'd gone, even if that would brand me as a terrorist.

I've been to plenty of political protests in my life.. most notably several large ProLIFE rallies in Washington, DC. But those were all back in the days before I had kids~ since having kids, I've kind of dropped out of any kind of political activism. The last year or so, though, I've been itching to get involved again. (And I'm also having a craving for hot tea right now.... go figure.)

What about you-- has all the tea party talk made you want to get involved, or do you think it's all a waste of time?

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  1. Ah, yes, the tea parties. Never heard of them til yesterday. Shoulda gone. I never pictured myself as any type of activist but with the way things are running these days I've gotten the courage to speak up. Here's the perfect example: I get an email from one of my gifted middle schooler's teacher explaining that beginning the week after next they'll watch The Lord of The Rings, do some class discussions, and each grade will do some sort of project. Call me "old school" but I don't believe box office movies have a place in the classroom. I'm not sure the LOTR movie is appropriate for 6th-8th graders. But what are you going to do? Sign a form saying you want your child to do an alternate assignment? Then they are ostracized from their classmates. It's not the case for my child, but would you want to do that to a child who is already being picked on? I have 2 older kids who've been thru HS (5-8 yrs ago) and they used to bring home waivers to see R rated movies. It's almost like teachers are too lazy to physically teach a class so we stick the kids in front of a movie. And I still have 3 kids to go!


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