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Friday, August 21, 2009

Operation Organization: Oops!

Operation Organization Confession time: I signed up, had a list of small projects in mind, and then promptly forgot to follow-up with blogging my goals after week one on the Operation Organization Challenge. Ugh! There have just been too many things on my mind lately with school starting and some other life things, and blogging has fallen to the bottom of my list.... but I'm still here! :)

Anyways.... our entire family worked together last week to do a big clean-up of the basement playroom. The carpet is now spotless... and more importantly, you can SEE the carpet because all of the toys are put away on shelves and in baskets. There is still more organizing to do down there, but we got rid of several large outgrown toys and cleared some space. It looks MUCH better!

So, my goal for this coming week: to reclaim the kitchen island cupboard. This is where things like mixing bowls and casserole dishes live, but it's also where things get stashed when we're in a hurry. Things are starting to pile up in there, and a plastic bowl fell out when I opened the door the other day. Oops. Time to reorganize and purge the island!

My other goal for this week: to rejoin Operation Organization and remember to post before/after photos! :) Check out the other participants and cheer them on over at Coming Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect Parent.


  1. Welcome back to the battlefield! It feels so great to get even little projects done around the house. I can't wait to hear how your kitchen island project goes! Good luck!!

  2. Welcome back Amy!

    I can't wait to see how you deal with your kitchen island. Mine is a catch-all, too!

  3. Here come the reinforcements! Welcome! Can't wait to see your progress next week.

  4. Welcome back, Amy! I understand .. it's so hard to stick with it. I'm having trouble and I started this whole thing! Life is just so busy. But I've finally decided there's no "convenient" time to organize. We're never gonna just have oodles of spare time suddenly! ;0) I'm so glad you decided to jump back on board! You can do it!!

    Good luck on this week's goal!


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