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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snapshots: Diabetes Blog Week

I have really been enjoying Diabetes Blog Week, the wonderful idea of Karen from  Bitter-Sweet Diabetes Blog. I haven't been able to post every day, but I've been trying to read as many posts as I can. 

Today's topic: Saturday 5/15 - Diabetes snapshots. Inspired by the Diabetes 365 project, let’s snap a few d-related pictures to share today.

Easy enough.  Here's the "Diabetes Command Center" in our kitchen:
log book, meter & supplies, glucose tablets, folder with extra lunch slips for school, Calorie King book for counting carbs, pen, calculator, and whatever other random things get stuffed into the basket (right now: 3 notepads, white-out, and an extra meter with case)

This little counter in the kitchen always looks pretty much as you see it above... although I did remove the wadded up napkin from the right corner for your viewing comfort- LOL!  We leave the log book out and open on the counter for easy access, since we log everything she eats and every BG reading throughout the day.   There also used to be a food scale in front of the fruit basket, but it broke and I haven't replaced it yet.  (Suggestions on a good, but inexpensive, food scale are welcomed!)  Keeping everything out on the counter like this works great for us-- DD, age 7, can reach everything she needs to do her own checks, and we have the log book right there where it's hard to forget about it.

The rest of the D supplies are in a cabinet a few steps away:

Supplies that don't fit here are out in the garage, on the shelves with our stockpile of groceries.

Share your own D snapshots or just enjoy others' today during Diabetes Blog Week!
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  1. Goodness, you sure do need to be organized... looks like you have a great system going and that's essential.

  2. Hi Amy, it's nice to 'meet' your blog :) My hat goes off to you and all the parents out there with little people with T1. I know what a challenge it can sometimes be to manage myself, let alone someone else! I look forward to keeping up with your adventures.... and wowzer, I need you to pop over to my place - your organization is first rate!!!

  3. You certainly seem to be organized. We use the Salter scale, but there is a less expensive alternative that I found very good as well available at target. Have you seen that one?

  4. Carb counts by the fruit basket?? That's THE best idea!!! :) Love how organized you are.


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