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Friday, July 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes: 7/30

1.) I'll start with a confession: I now spend more time on Twitter than I do on Facebook.  Some of my favorite tweeps are people who tweet about Type I Diabetes and Christian mom bloggers. ... so if you know someone I should be following, let me know!

2.) I had a very rare opportunity last week: I had lunch at Panera, on a weekday, alone.  I adore their food, but it's a little pricey to eat there with the kids, and DH doesn't care for Panera.  Seriously... good soup + fresh bread= my perfect meal.  Throw in some gourmet coffee or an icy Mountain Dew and I'm in heaven.    And no, Panera is not compensating me in any way for this post!
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 photo credit: Pirate Johnny @ Flicker
This looks almost exactly like what I had!  :)

3.) My new dream job?  Some kind of writing gig where I can sit with my laptop in Panera  or a  bookstore and write while drinking fancy coffee... and get paid to do it.  If you see anyone looking to hire a coffee-shop lurking writer, let me know!

4.) My Saturday plans: make a big batch of refrigerator pickles, as requested by my DH.  And get the boy a hair cut.  That's it.  I'm soooo happy to have a "free day" at home.

5.) Somebody in this house... not naming names... has been wearing underwear without accidents for three days in a row now.  Whoo hoo!

6.) Giving away our crib this week was a little bit hard for me.  I can't have any more kids (medical reasons), but it was still hard to see it go.  Knowing that it went to a young couple who really need it helped.  Knowing that their baby is due THIS WEEK and they just now got a crib made me worry a little... ok, a lot... about how they will be able to provide for their new baby.  I pray that all goes well for them.

Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds, 100 Calorie Pack, 4.41 Ounce Packages (Pack of 12)7.) I'm not usually too fond of nuts, but I've fallen in love with these 100 calorie packs of cocoa roasted almonds.  They're just the right blend of flavor without being too sweet, and they're only 4 carbs per pack. I originally bought them as a "free food" for my Type I Diabetic daughter, but she didn't like them,.  Now I may have to go buy more for myself. :)  And again, nobody is paying me to say this... that link goes through Amazon, where I might make a few pennies only IF about ten of you purchase something through that link. I just put it there so you could see what I'm talking about.

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    1. We have so much in common! I love Panera, too and you just described my dream job = ). I like the chocolate covered almonds but have you tried the ones with lime?
      Thanks for stopping by my blog- I'll be visiting yours regularly, too!
      Blessings, Lisa

    2. Taking the crib down and giving away baby clothes is SO emotional. So bittersweet.

      (And those almonds look yummy. I'll keep an eye out for them!)

    3. I canned pickles the other day too :) I'm hoping to have more cukes come in and make more. Yay for the little guy :) Christian has been working on this as well, we're getting #2 down pretty well. Love Almonds!!!!! Trader Joes has little individual bags of them which may be cheaper although they don't come in cocoa.

    4. Mmm! I'm craving Panera now. And those almonds sound delicious, too :)


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