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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WFMW: online time= great snail mail

Besides social networking... making friends... learning about other lifestyles... do you know what else happens when you make good use of your time online?   You get fun surprises in the mail!

This box arrived last week:

Seriously, this is the biggest cleaning caddy I've ever seen- easily twice as deep as the one I already owned.  I had no clue what this box was when it arrived, but apparently I won one of the Right At Home prize packs.  That was simple to enter- just click and enter your details.  And they have another giveaway going on right now-- you can enter to win a back to school package!

I love to read.  And at least once a week, FREE books arrive in my mail box, because I've applied to various companies and been accepted to write book reviews.  If this sounds like something you would like to do, I know that both Bethany House and The Catholic Company are accepting applications for new reviewers right now.

I receive coupons and free samples in the mail almost daily.  I only request those that I know we'll use.. not every single offer available out there.  (I used to request anything I heard of, but that just resulted in a lot of mail going straight to the trash.)  Reading blogs like: The Freebie Blogger and Money Saving Mom helps keep me alert to the new offers that are available.

Blogs also alert me to great giveaways.  I've won several over the past few years since I started blogging. In the last few months I've won a gardening package from Simply Serve, some Wonder Hangers from Sarah, and just this week-- an American Girl doll through Blissfully Domestic!  (Shhhh- don't tell my daughter- she will be receiving this for Christmas!)  And I don't enter that many giveaways- maybe only 1/3 of those that I see. 

Now, of course, you have to be careful who you give your personal information to, or else you'll wind up with a mailbox full of junk.  I only provide my mailing address to reputable companies, and I opt out of receiving extra catalogs, fliers, etc. when I can.  

Finding fun surprises in my mail box definitely works for me!  Head on over to Works for Me Wednesday to share your own tips and read some others!

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  1. Thanks for stopping at my blog. You have done great at winning things and getting things to review. I'll have to check out some of these sites.

  2. Have you ever checked out bzzagent? I just signed up to review/and pass out coupons for L'Oreal eye cream.

    I think it's need to add up all the stuff I get (products to review for blog, blog giveaways I win, freebies, free coupons, samples etc)

  3. I've always thought I should enter these giveaways and sign up for more free stuff than I do. With the giveaways I just never think I'm going to win so I don't sign up. Your post has encouraged me to try more. I've seen several other people get lots of free stuff and save money by doing what you wrote about.
    Great post!

  4. You've won some great items! That cleaning caddy does look big.


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