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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. What is your favorite summer time activity?   Cookouts.  Planting flowers (not so much the weeding).  Watching my daughter's softball games.  Taking the kids to the park for a picnic lunch and time to play on the playground. 

2. Do you have one laundry soap you stick to, or do you buy whatever's on sale? OK, you caught me.  As much as I love my coupons and cheap deals, this is one of the few items that I stick to a specific few name brands on.    I prefer Gain most of the time, or Tide if it's cheaper.  (And yes, of course I use coupons/sales to stock up on them, but they're still the two most expensive brands.)  
I had a terrible experience several years ago with a cheap detergent leaving blue stains on our clothes, and I've had trouble with some others not getting minor spots out. Both problems entailed me having to rewash things- what a pain!  Laundry is already my least favorite chore, so to me, it's worth paying a bit more and buying the products  that I know will work well for me. 
3. What is your favorite dinner to make in the summer?  I love to grill things.  I'd say my own recipe for hamburgers, or, grilling up some boneless chicken, tossing it in our favorite buffalo sauces, and making giant buffalo chicken salads that are full of fresh veggies. 

4. Do you have any talents?  Of course!   I can look at my child and tell you if her blood sugar is low from across the room.... I can carb count on the fly while driving a car.... I can check a blood sugar without ever waking the child... I can walk around my kitchen doing algebra-style math in my head to figure out carbs for the meal we just ate... oh, wait, you probably meant non-D things, right?   Well....I'm often told that I'm creative-- I rubber stamp, make cards, scrapbook,  cook without recipes, and design simple websites.  I actually haven't gotten to do a whole lot of those things, other than cooking, in the last year or so, but I'm hoping I will get back to them soon.  One of my biggest goals this summer is to clean out the spare bedroom and turn it into a craft room for the kids and I.  

5. If you could instantly be an expert in something, what would it be? Why? All things related to Type I Diabetes.   In some ways, I think I'm getting there-- after all, we live and breathe this disease every day.   But there are SO many things I don't know, or don't understand, about the more complex medical aspects.  If I'm getting these magical powers of expertise, I'd like to know enough to create the cure, as well.  ;)   As for the WHY... I guess that's obvious. 

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If you're a new visitor here, welcome!  If you've never heard of Type I Diabetes, please let me share with you: My daughter needs insulin every day to keep her alive because her pancreas doesn't work.   She wears an insulin pump 24/7, and we figure out her insulin doses by counting the carbohydrates in every bite of food she eats.   Nothing she/we did caused this.  Type I Diabetes is NOT caused by a bad diet or lack of exercise.  When you hear something about Diabetes on the news or read about it, that advice almost always is referring to Type II.   However... Type I doesn't stop my daughter from doing anything you child does-- softball, swimming, birthday parties, trick-or-treating.... you name it, she does it! 


  1. Amy, Thanks for your comment over on my blog. I'm going to add you to my blogroll so I can continue following your blog! Sounds like you're one pretty amazing mama!

  2. Your recipe for burgers sounds SO good, I'm going to have to try it!! I also love your talent - now if you could teach me to do the carb count along with calorie counting on the fly, i'd be your new BFF!! :)

  3. I want a hamburger now haha

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too! :)

  4. I am really impressed that you can know if your daughter's blood sugar is low from across the room, and that you can check without waking, that's amazing. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant, and HATED checking my sugar, so I can only imagine how a child must feel.

    Good luck finding the cure to Type 1 Diabetes ;) And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Grilled buffalo chicken salad sounds yummy! Then again, I think anything on the grill is yummy LOL!

    One of my closest friends in high school has a son with type I diabetes and it's rough on the family. My prayers go out to you and your little girl. May the Lord bring healing to her body.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Thanks for stopping by. I've yet to try making hamburgers for the kids ... maybe should try it one of these days.

  7. That hamburger recipe sounds delicious! I think you are one strong mama, Diabetes can be so scary. My father had Type 2 and I am borderline. I think it's amazing you can do all that figuring in your head on the go! WTG :)

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am now following yours.


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