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Monday, June 27, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 6/27

Hey, I'm actually posting this on Monday instead of Tuesday for a change. Are you impressed? LOL!

We just bought a 1/4 of a cow, so my menu plans for the next few weeks will be much heavier on the beef than usual.  We've got to use up some of this beef so I have room in the freezer to buy other meats! 
  • MONDAY: grilled hamburgers on buns (8pts+), salad (0-3pts+ depending on dressing)
  • TUESDAY:  family favorite: crockpot beef machacha, on tortillas or nachos, with tomatoes/ lettuce/ cheese (points will vary per person)
  • WEDNESDAY:  frozen chicken piccata, noodles, steamed broccoli
  • THURSDAY: new recipe: crockpot beef & broccoli (9pts+) over rice (5 pts+)
  • FRIDAY: new recipe: corn and salsa chicken packets  (8pts+)  *I think I'm going to try grilling these instead of baking them.  I might also add a can of black beans, as one reviewer did. 
  • SATURDAY:  every Saturday: homemade pizza and tossed salad 
Many of my beef recipes are higher in WW points than I usually like to go for supper. I need to find some lower-points beef recipes.  Any suggestions?
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  1. Oh, now I understand why my sourdough comment about it being better on blood sugar resonated with you. You're diabetic!

    Somehow I stumbled on this last year & my MIL is hypoglycemic (opposite of you but has to watch her sugar none the less). I'm sure you can do more research but here's a Reader's Digest article: http://tinyurl.com/44x4wj2

    If you're interested in making it I can dehydrate some of my starter and mail it to you. My mom took some back to Okla on a plane and we got it to work in a few days with me helping her with some pointers over the phone. My emails on my blog if you're interested! Or just leave another comment. :)

  2. OK, I'm pretty sure that just linked to my other Blogger blog. :( Now I've become a sourdough stalker. LOL!! But I came over from www.couponingjourney.com if you want to find me again.

  3. we're winging it this week. BTW: I have a great recipe for sourdough. :D


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