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Friday, March 15, 2013

Seven Quick Takes 3/15

I have a rare day off without any appointments... so until the kids get home from school, I have a few hours to myself.  I plan to catch up on blogs and tackle a few cleaning projects around the house. Clearly you can see which of those things I wanted to do first... LOL!

--- 1 ---
I, like many others around the world, watched this week's conclave and election of Pope Francis with excitement.  I love all the old-school traditions that go into the election process: no electronics, the secret ballots, the smoke signals.  When Pope Francis was announced, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy that I truly did not expect.   After all, I knew nothing about the man before that moment, yet I felt very emotional, filled with such a feeling hope and joy.  I pray that Pope Francis' humility and grace will be just what our church needs to overcome some of the issues that face us today.

--- 2 ---
I'm a little confused as to why neither of my children, students in a Catholic school, had more in-depth lessons over the last few weeks on how the Pope would be selected, what a conclave is, etc.   Sure, they got to watch some of the announcement on tv at school, but really?  Nobody could work this huge moment in history into a lesson plan??  My mini-lessons over supper each night were ok, but I was just surprised they didn't do more at school.  I'm guessing it had a lot to do with it being the end of the quarter and having standardized testing coming up next week, but still.

--- 3 ---
So, Google Reader is closing.  This was disappointing news, as I have used & enjoyed this service for several years now.   I'm taking Messy Wife, Blessed Life's suggestion and moving to Blog Lovin'.  I'm taking it as an opportunity to weed out the blogs that I no longer read regularly and to cut down on my overall number of subscriptions... something which is long overdue!   

--- 4 ---
News flash: bathing a 65lb. dog is a very wet venture.  She's currently sprinting through the house in her traditional after-bath craze.   The next hour or so will be filled with her racing around, rolling on her towel, and me repeatedly trying to brush her.   I'm glad she enjoys her baths- I don't think I could keep her in the tub if she really wanted to get out!

--- 5 ---
Speaking of news, while I was typing this, I saw one of my husband's best friends being interviewed on the local news.  Isn't it funny how that's always a little thrill to see someone you know on tv?  :)

--- 6 ---
This.  YES.  I can't even tell you how many times I've had this conversation already!
Thanks to http://www.phatmass.com/ for the great graphic!
--- 7 ---
Tonight's meatless meal:  I'm finally getting around to trying one of the very first things I ever pinned on Pinterest: this crockpot Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup.  The kids and I will have grilled cheese sandwiches with it, and DH (who isn't Catholic) will probably have a cold meat sandwich with his.  Tomato Basil Soup is one of my favorites, and adding Parmesan seems like it should only make it better, right?  I guess we'll find out tonight!

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  1. Can we all make cards of #6 and pass them out.

  2. Dinner sounds so good!! I think I have that recipe saved, too.

    Thanks for the news about Google Reader..bummer! Now I need to find something else to use, too.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Sole Searching! I'm adding the Tomato soup to my recipe index, it sounds awesome. Also, love the Phatmass quote. Good stuff!!

  4. Love the #6...I posted that on blog recently too!

    So what's the scoop on Blog lovin'??? what is it exactly, heard others I follow switching too...

  5. A crockpot version of Tomato Basil Soup? Count me in! I am loving Bloglovin also...SO easy to switch, too!


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