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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Healthier Me

Hello, blog land.  I haven't blogged much for a while now, and I do miss it.  It's ok, though, as I never wanted this blog to become a full-time thing.

So, recently, I've been working hard on my eating habits. Here's what's working for me:
  • I've successfully given up my daily Mountain Dew habit.  It's been a lot easier than I thought, actually.  In the past month, I've had three... and I only actually finished the first one of them.  The other two, I took a couple of sips, then decided it just didn't taste good so I didn't want to waste the calories on it.   I'm amazed at how something I used to drink daily (sometimes more than once a day) now doesn't taste good to me!
  • I am logging every single bite I eat into MyFitnessPal (free website/app).  I've used this in the past, and I know that any time I log my food, I automatically eat better.   Right now I'm on my 27th day straight of logging!
  • I used the The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition to start my weight loss.  I followed the program about 90% for the first cycle of 17 days, then decided to transition to just watching what I eat instead of following the next cycle.  (I kept my coffee creamer, and I had a few other things that weren't 100% legal on the plan, but I still lost 9lbs in those 17 days!)  If I find that I start gaining or just not losing, I will definitely hop back on the 17 day wagon.  
  • I'm learning that many of my new food preferences fall under "clean eating" categories.  My tastes are definitely changing, and several of my old go-to snacks just taste... funny.   That definitely makes it easier to stay away from some of the bad stuff!
I'm working on this week's menu plan, and it will be up tomorrow for Menu Plan Monday.

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