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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Menu Plan, week of 1/4/15

I'm excited today... today is the first Sunday in a LONG time that I haven't had to work.  My schedule is changing at work, which means that I'll have Sundays off now for the foreseeable future.  That makes it SO much easier to get my meal prep and menu plan done for the week ahead!

89 days ago... yes, exactly, LOL... I decided to change my eating habits.  I did the first cycle of the 17 Day Diet to start, and then I switched over to simply being mindful of my eating and logging every bite on MyFitnessPal.   I've lost 18lbs so far this way.   I wish I had thought to measure inches in the beginning, because I know I've lost more there that isn't really reflected on the scale.  Oh well.  I'm happy, feeling better, and plan to keep going until I've lost at least 35lbs.

PREPPING ON SUNDAY:  sausage/cheese/English muffin breakfast sandwiches to freeze for the kids' breakfasts; a pan of baked spaghetti; some smoothie packets for my favorite breakfast smoothies.

Family Suppers this week:

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday... head over there for some great meal ideas!

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