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Monday, March 19, 2007

What are you into this month?

OK, here's the re-done meme I accidentally deleted yesterday.

What I'm Craving:
Last month I was on a big kick with mocha coffee, but I'm off of that one right now. Today I'm craving sleep, cold medicine, and total comfort food.... which is why there will be plenty of mashed potatoes and gravy on tonight's menu, along with pork chops and broccoli (another of my favorites).

Movie I've Seen Or Am Looking Forward To Seeing:
We haven't seen anything new in ages, and the last movie we rented was the Da Vinci Code, which I absolutely hated. I am looking forward to seeing The Simpsons movie this summer... we've already promised DD a family outing to the "movie store" as she calls it (aka: the local theater), and she's excited. Oh, and I'd like to see that Sandra Bullock one that just came out where her husband is killed in a crash, but her days are all mixed up- Premonition. I always like her movies, and this one looks intriguing. I'll eventually catch it on cable, I'm sure.

Blog I am Always Visiting:
I just LOVE the Ask Sister Mary Martha blog. I literally laugh out loud. It's allegedly written by an elderly Catholic nun, but I'm not sure if I buy that story or not. Whoever writes it, though, has a lot of church knowledge as well as a real-world perspective on what people actually practice today. A bit of the sarcasm might be missed if you're not Catholic, but I think just about anyone would enjoy that blog.

Chore I Am Always Trying To Catch Up On:
Well, let me brag for a second... it's NOT laundry! Whoo-hoo! I am happy to say that for the last few weeks I have managed to stay completely caught up on laundry. Right now there is one basket of dirty clothes upstairs, and I will wash one load today and be caught up again. I've struggled with laundry for a long time (read about that here and here) but now I feel like I've finally conquered it, thanks in large part to adopting Flylady's rule of "a load a day".

But back to the original question... I guess I'd have to say that I am always trying to get caught up on clearing off the desk. That is absolutely my hotspot, and everything gets dumped there. In fact, I'll be using it as my task next month for Laura's
30-day organizational challenge. My goal is to be able to keep it cleaned off every day by the end of the month.

Favorite Way To Exercise And When Do I Do It
: DD and I love to go swimming at the YMCA. We don't get to go very often though, because 1.) I have to find someone to watch Baby Boy 2.) I have to coordinate said babysitter with the limited hours that the Y's pool is open for "open swim" 3.) I have to have a block of two or three hours for the entire venture of changing/swimming/ showering both of us. At one time we were going once or twice a week, but right now it's more like once or twice a month. :(

My Favorite Blog Entry In More Recent Months:
Very hard to say. I've just recently started this particular blog (3/10/07). I guess my favorite entries in general are on my decluttering blog... any that document the progress I've made with decluttering my house. It just feels good to see it there in black (purple) and white, and that motivates me to do more!

I got this meme from Stephanie's blog, Adventures in Babywearing. I found it thanks to Jennifer who posted it on the Moms of Grace forums. Thanks, ladies!


  1. Thanks for playing along! I need to declutter... who doesn't!!?? You are motivating me for today, though!!


  2. Love reading your blogs, just wanted to tell another Flylady that I got my control journal and flylady bag in the mail. I am so excited. Hope it helps, any tips would be appreciated. Come visit my at my new site: http://www.dixychick.blogspot.com


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